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Activists: Syrian Military Helicopter Crashes, Crew Captured By Rebels

The helicopter came down in a rebel-held area in Syria's northwest, according to a monitoring group.

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The group said at least one of the crew members was shot to death, while images shared on Twitter showing a man firing a machine gun at a body on the ground while others stand nearby cheering.

Other tweets showed images of a bloodied man wearing military fatigues being carried away, while another man was shown in the back of a vehicle.

Video shared online purported to show the interrogation of the helicopter's pilot, while tweets also showed images of military ID cards said to be from the chopper crew.

According to Reuters, Syrian state television disputed rebel claims the helicopter had been shot down, instead saying the helicopter had been forced to make an emergency landing due to a technical problem.

Footage uploaded to YouTube purported to show the moment of the crash.

View this video on YouTube

View this video on YouTube

Other footage appeared to show the wreckage scene.

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Syrians flock to the downed regime helicopter in #Idlib taking from it some memorabilia

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