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An Egyptian Groom Surprised His Bride With An ISIS Wedding Dance In A Cage

Nope. Nope. Nope.

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Every girl dreams of a white wedding that is crashed by violent Islamist militants, and Shymaa Daif's new husband, Ahmed Shehata, wanted to make sure his bride's big day was unforgettable.

Shehata secretly organized for a bunch of their friends to dress up as ISIS militants during the wedding reception to add that special touch of terror to the event.

"The idea came to me two weeks before the wedding, because I wanted a wedding night that is different and special and not like everybody else's," he told Egypt's Youm7 news network.

Oh, Ahmed. You sure know what the ladies love.


"Everybody was surprised to the point that some of the attendees thought ISIS was about to storm the wedding," photographer Ahmed Kassem told Youm7.

"I was so afraid of the loud music, it made me feel as if something was going to happen," she told Youm7.


Salim Rekaibi contributed to this report.

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