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These Men Were Filmed Throwing A Dog Over The Fence Of Animal Shelter

Police are now hunting for the pair of men after the dog was abandoned in north-western Spain. WARNING: This story contains disturbing footage.

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Video released Friday by a Spanish animal shelter shows two men abandoning a dog by throwing it over the shelter's fence.

In the video filmed Thursday in Pontevedra in north-west Spain, a red car is captured by a surveillance camera pulling up to the shelter, before a man emerges from the vehicle carrying a white dog.

In a failed attempt to throw the animal over the fence, the dog hits the top of the structure and bounces back into the man's arms.

Another man then emerges from the car to help hoist the dog over the fence, where it lands with a thud on the concrete.

As the two men drive away, the dog can be seen walking around -- its leash still hanging from its neck.

In a Facebook post, the shelter, Protectora de animales Os palleiros, said that the dog was treated as if it were "a bag of trash."

The group said it was releasing the video as part of its efforts to assist police in tracking down the pair.

"We are not going to stay quiet," the shelter said.

The video has since been shared more than 57,000 times.

The group wrote that the dog, a young male, is "super scared, wondering why this has happened to him" and having "no idea where he is."

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