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Beyoncé's New Song Just Dropped And It's AMAZING


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The song debuted on Tidal but Queen B also released the music video on YouTube for the rest of us to bask in.

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In the Southern Gothic-inspired video, Yoncé sits atop a cop car in flooded New Orleans and sings, "My Daddy, Alabama; Momma, Louisiana; You mix that negro with that creole make a Texas bama."

Bey yet again declares her dominance and spits verses with a Texas trill vibe, throwing up a Houston Third Ward sign and rocking long braids while poking her head out of a swerving El Camino.

The video clip also references the Black Lives Matter protest movement, with a young boy facing off against a group of riot police with their hands in the air. In the next frame, graffiti reading "Stop Shooting Us" is scrawled on a wall.

Solange approves.

Y'all gonna learn bout dem children of Celestine & Mathew, lol. Slay sis, slay✊🏾 And Slay niece, slay 👼🏾

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