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This Guy Found The Best New Use For The Animojis On Apple's iPhone X

This right here is why technology exists.

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But Harry McCracken, technology editor at Fast Company, has invented a spectacular new use for the cute characters: Animoji Karaoke.

Yup. Record yourself singing along to your favorite song via the Animoji of your choice and share the footage with the world.

With apologies to Chuck Jones, Mike Maltese, Maurice Noble, Mel Blanc, and Arthur Q. Bryan.

In case you're wondering, McCracken has put together some helpful tech tips on how to ace your Animoji Karaoke. Read them here.

Anyway, here's some of the best currently being shared online, including this robot singing what it's like to get lucky.

Animoji karaoke is sweeping the nation

This dog wondering who let his friends out.

Who let the dogs 🐶 out? #AnimojiKaraoke /cc @harrymccracken

This old chicken who can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, 'cause she's dead.

Look what you made me do #AnimojiKaraoke #iPhoneX


This pig who has a lot of teen angst.

Taking out my teenage rage with #AnimojiKaraoke #AniMoji

These two having fun in the love shack.

This is a thing now - Animoji Karaoke! Could not resist making one with this great karaoke song. #animoji #karaoke…

These boys who just want you to know you're beautiful.

My Animoji Karaoke on the iPhone X inspired by @harrymccracken . @animojikaraoke #AnimojiKaraoke #animoji…

And this masterpiece that you just have to watch for yourself.

Ok, so to celebrate the arrival of iPhone X, here’s some Animoji Karaoke inspired by @harrymccracken 🎤🦊🐶🐔🐵

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