Boxer Shorts And 14 Other Items Featuring Warren Buffett’s Face

Investing icon Warren Buffett is his own cottage industry, selling clothes, food and other merchandise imprinted with his face. Who wouldn’t want to wear the mug of a guy worth $53 billion on their moneymaker?

This weekend hundreds of investors, analysts, and reporters flocked to Omaha, Nebraska for the lovefest known and the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting. The meeting is more a forum for acolytes to worship at the alter of Warren Buffett, whose $53.5 billion net worth ranks him fourth on Forbes billionaire list, than anything else. Not that Buffett doesn’t deserve the worship — on Friday ahead of the meeting Berkshire Hathaway reported a 51 percent increase in first quarter profit to $4.9 billion, or $2,977 per share.

Indeed, the Buffett idolatry among investors rivals that of religious deities. And like all good idols, Buffett has parlayed his hero worship into a line of merchandise. Here’s 15 items that were for sale in Omaha this weekend featuring the face of the 82-year-old billionaire.

1. Warren Buffett boxers

Also featuring the face of Charlie Munger, Berkshire Hathaway’s Vice Chairman. $5.

2. Warren Buffett rubber duckie

Comes in a set with a Charlie Munger duckie. $2.

3. Warren Buffett M&Ms


4. Warren Buffett coloring shirt

Also featuring Charlie. For kids to color on. $14.

5. Warren Buffett running shoes

With Warren on the insole. $110.

6. Warren Buffett running hat


7. Warren Buffett socks

Also featuring Charlie and currency symbols. $17.50 or $19.50.

8. Warren Buffett playing cards

He’s the King. $10.

9. Warren Buffett chocolates


10. Warren Buffett commemorative coin

Made of 24k gold. $890.

11. Warren Buffett “Oracle” shirt

For the person who loves Warren AND Omaha. $10.

12. Warren Buffett gloves

For ladies. $30.

13. Warren Buffett boots

Warren’s on the box. The boots commemorate the shareholder’s meeting. $425.

14. Warren Buffett train shirt

With Charlie also riding the rails. $10.

15. Warren Buffett books

Pretty much anything every written by Warren. Most available for between $14 and $25.

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