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People Think Facebook Banned Sarah Palin For Calling Black Lives Matter "Thugs"

Nope, it's a hoax.

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Many outlets reported her comments. But one website's story has been shared more than almost any other. It claimed Palin's comment got her banned from Facebook:

National Report

"Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin received a 30-day provisional Facebook ban, after calling Black Lives Matter protesters 'thugs' over the weekend," read the story from

Wait, Palin makes comments on a radio show and then gets banned from Facebook? That doesn't make any sense. 😑

It's because the story is a hoax. is a fake news site that specializes in creating hoaxes that appeal to conservative audiences. Palin's photo actually appears at the top of the site and she's been featured in many fake articles.

National Report

The Facebook ban story is one of the site's biggest hits so far this year, according to an analysis done using BuzzSumo. It's racked up close to 40,000 likes, shares and comments on Facebook.


The hoax was well timed because Facebook recently displayed a large Black Lives Matter sign on its campus. That may have caused some people to think the company would try to censor Palin for her "thugs" remark.

Instagram: @phamdapham

Back on the National Report website, most commenters seem to have been fooled by the hoax. Though this person wondered how Palin could still be posting new things to Facebook if she's been banned:

National Report

"I read that she appealed it and they lifted the ban," another person replied, adding their own false information to the hoax.

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