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These Taxidermists Are Imagining Squirrels As Jedi Knights, Bikers, And Ballerinas

Teeters' Taxidermy Studio owner Corin Teeters said he likes to have a little fun with his work.

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Teeters' Taxidermy Studio in Halifax, Pennsylvania, has answered the question we've all been asking: What if Star Wars had squirrels?

Teeters' Taxidermy Studio

The one-of-a-kind piece is listed for $600 on eBay, and yes, the lightsabers actually light up.

Corin Teeters, who's been in the business for 20 years, told BuzzFeed News the tiny light sabers inspired the project. He and fellow taxidermist Ryan Hoffman sometimes spend 60 hours a week working in the shop, often bouncing ideas off each other at night.

As a smaller shop, Teeters said they're free to think outside the box.

"We get to do a little more artsy stuff and have fun with it," he said.

The squirrel projects tend to take 10 to 12 weeks to complete, Teeters said, and the shop has done about 30 so far.

"Pretty much, if you can think it up, we can do it," he said.

In addition to the squirrels, Teeters said he stays busy with traditional taxidermy for local hunters, as well as other oddball projects. The shop recently completed a full whitetail deer skeleton posed jumping over a fence, as well as a "life-size" Bigfoot.

Teeters said he got into taxidermy after taking art classes in high school and growing up hunting and fishing. The work is always different, he added, and there's nothing like seeing a satisfied customer.

"I like the fact that I can be creative with it," he said.



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