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After Being Body-Shamed By Graffiti This Woman Had The Best Response

"If their idea was to offend me, it didn't work, because that's just how I am."

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Balbino shared a photo of the graffiti to her Facebook page, along with a message of positivity.

So today I woke up and found this written on my wall. I think they forgot to write "pretty", but at least I'm glad they wrote something I really am. If the intent was to offend, it went wrong because it represents me.

I would be upset if they said I was stupid, criminal or something like that. Fat is exactly what I am.

"Being fat is something that's impossible to hide from society, you know? You can hide being a criminal, a homophobe, being prejudiced, but you can't hide being fat! So the graffiti summed me up pretty well!"

Balbino said she initially shared the photo with a group of friends on Whatsapp, "I got a number of interesting reactions; they said I should have a barbecue by the wall and get people to spray more graffiti, with words like "pretty, incredible, etc."

Another friend dropped a rose off at Balbino's office "The note said: 'there's no way that wall has enough space to do you justice.' That made my day even better."

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