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Illinois Democratic Congressional Candidate: "Shame On Rachel Maddow"

After Maddow highlights an ad attacking Debbie Halvorson, the candidate and former Congresswoman responds sharply.

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Former Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson lashed out at Rachel Maddow in an interview with BuzzFeed Thursday, after the MSNBC host criticized her for being too cozy with the NRA.

Maddow devoted a portion of her show Wednesday night to showcasing an ad attacking Halvorson's record on gun control. The ad is sponsored by Independence USA, a super PAC financed by NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg that supports stricter gun control measures.

"Debbie Halvorson was pretty widely thought to have a good shot at winning that very, very, very crowded primary for Jesse Jackson's seat. But it should be noted that Debbie Halvorson is not your usual Illinois Democrat," Maddow said, highlighting her "A" rating from the NRA.

Asked about Maddow's comments, Halvorson attacked the host.

"Shame on Rachel Maddow, who I used to have greatest respect for because she was honest, even keel, and didn't discriminate," Halvorson said. "But last night, she took this super-PAC ad as gospel when she usually hates super-PACs."

Halvorson said the segment unfairly portrayed her record on gun control.

"These super PACS come in and say whatever they want it," Halvorson said. "It doesn't have to be true. This ad is so over the top, it's going to backfire against them."

Halvorson said she will continue to run her campaign on the issue that most concerns constituents—job creation.

"I have a thick skin and an iron-clad stomach, but you know it still hurts to watch lies on TV," Halvorson said. "I'm going to keep doing what I'm going to do. I'm the frontrunner in this race, and I'm used to being the frontrunner and when you're the frontrunner, you're used to being attacked."

Sixteen candidates are vying for the democratic slot to be decided in a primary February 26. The election will be April 9, 2013.

"The Rachel Maddow Show" segment on Debbie Halvorson

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