The Truth About The “Occupy” Media Blackout

Visit the grounds of the Occupy Wall Street Protests and you’ll soon encounter rumors of a mass media cover-up. Is the mainstream press really trying to censor the story?

Since the “Occupy Wall Street” movement began, many have alleged that there has been no mainstream media coverage. While this isn’t entirely accurate, the concern isn’t all-together unfounded.

Over the course of the demonstrations, coverage of the events has been widely varied from one mainstream source to the next.

As of today, the Associated Press has only mentioned the protests in 30 internal newswire articles, only 3 of which are accessible via ap.org. Compared with the 63 stories by Reuters, the bias between the newswire services is obvious. The AP simply isn’t keeping up with Reuters in their OWS coverage.

CNN, early to the story already, leads the pack in # of mentions, followed by PBS, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, and ABC News Respectively.

Although the majority of Occupy Wall Street coverage came after the protests themselves, they still managed to get mentions from mainstream and fringe news sources alike.

Below is a timeline of all major Occupy Wall Street mentions leading up to September 17th. While its apparent that there’s been no shortness of mainstream media mentions of OWS, the tone of most early articles is cynical to say the least.

4. July 13th: Adbusters announces #occupywallstreet plans

5. August 10th: Death + Taxes covers the upcoming protest movement

6. August 10th: Daily Kos releases an Op Ed on OWS

7. August 23rd: Adbusters announces Anonymous’ Support

8. Sept 2nd: BuzzFeed user “unwantedpermutations” creates OWS post that hits the front page

9. Sept 6th: The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch speculates about OWS’ Impact

10. Sept 6th: CBS New York Criticizes The Upcoming Protest

11. Sept. 7th: Gothamist Criticizes Upcoming Protest

12. Sept. 15th: Huffington Post New York reports upcoming demonstration

13. Sept. 15th: The Village Voice speculates about Yoga

14. Sept. 16th: Fox News admits to not knowing what “revoke corporate personhood” means.

15. Sept. 16th: CNN Money Reports

16. Sept 16th: CNN Tech Reports

17. Sept. 16th: New York Magazine speculates on similar Yoga and Pillow Fights angle

18. Sept. 16th: PBS Affiliate WGBH Covers the Anonymous angle

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