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Ohio Senator's Poses Under Close Inspection On Debate Day

The benefits of a detail-oriented pool report. Thank you, Jason Horowitz.

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Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and U.S. Ohio Senator Rob Portman watch the Vice Presidential debate in his hotel room in Asheville, North Carolina October 11, 2012. With pizza!

The play-by-play coverage of the presidential candidates that reporters covering the campaign receive through pooled reports can, at times, get rather mundane.

But not for The Washington Post's Jason Horowitz, who is detailing Mitt Romney's moves today. As the pool reporter today, he is providing updates of anything and everything happening with the candidate, who is traveling today with Ohio Sen. Rob Portman.

Here's the most recent golden nugget, describing their flight to Ronkonkoma – Long Island MacArthur Airport — "which is a mouthful," Horowitz writes:

[S]ome reporters managed to catch some sleep under their airplane issued blue blankets. But not I. As your pool reporter I am on duty. This is what I saw.

Romney briefly made himself visible, standing up in the front of the plane and prompting the cameras to click here in the back. He looked rested and healthy. Senator Portman, wearing a pink shirt, was visible for a longer period as he hovered, then crouched, then kneeled in the front of the front of the plane, where Romney sits. He is Romney's renowned debate prepper so it is possible he was continuing to prep. A campaign photographer was taking pictures of him hovering and crouching and kneeling so it is also possible that he was striking the pose of someone continuing to prep.

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