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15 Times Socks The Cat And Buddy The Dog Received Mail At The Clinton White House

Among the tens of thousands of Clinton administration documents made public for the first time this spring were LITERALLY BOXES of letters sent to the four-legged inhabitants of the White House in the '90s. Here are some of the best.

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(And the art is A+ quality!)

If you are the author of any of these letters, please email me — — and send me a picture of you with any pets you have today. (Unless you actually have spiders as pets, Ford. I'll pass.)

Update! Here — from a well-organized reader — is the response writers received:

.@chrisgeidner Success! Socks-cess? December 19, 1996. I think the White House let you email Socks and Buddy.

The letters were found at the Clinton Library in the files of Shirley Sagawa, who was the deputy chief of staff to First Lady Hillary Clinton from October 1998 to January 2001. The letters are not, as of yet, available online.


A person claiming to be Angus Murray — who loved "Sokcs" — has contacted BuzzFeed News with an update.

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