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Watch In Real Time As 3.1 Million Humans Have Their Thanksgiving Plans Ruined (Again!)

2014 Edition! (H/T to last year's post!)

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Last year, on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, a winter storm barreled across the country, stranding thousands and leaving them bartering with a higher power for Wi-Fi in an overcrowded, turkey-less airport. Oh, and it's happening again this year.

That's right, roughly 3 million air travelers will be hurtling through the skies this holiday week, with a hefty portion making their way today, as the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions brace a winter storm. And that means flight delays.

But, as we showed you last year, there's one small bit of entertainment to come out of all of this. Using Misery Map, a real-time weather and flight data visualization by the live flight-tracking site Flight Aware, you can watch the delays pile up airport by airport in a neat, somewhat dizzying animation. Perfect for weather nerds, aviation aficionados, and run-of-the-mill sick and twisted schadenfreude.

So relax, stake out your spot on the floor in the terminal next to that inexplicably placed lone outlet by the jet bridge, and marvel. And please, please, please, travel safely!

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