This Is Google+’s Hottest New Trend

Tree Tuesday is the meme that’s taking Google+ by storm

2. There’s a trend that’s catching fire across Google+. It’s called #TreeTuesday.

3. Google+ has been called a ghost town for its lack of community engagement. But clearly critics have never checked out #TreeTuesday. It’s quite popular. Today it’s beating out “cultural nucleus” Kanye West on the day his album drops!

4. The concept is quite simple. Upload a photo of a tree (any tree will do) and tag it with #TreeTuesday. Why, you ask? Just ask this #TreeTuesday enthusiast:

5. And there are all kinds of trees out there to choose from and discover. Urban trees…

6. …first trees…

7. …would-you-rather trees…

8. …even mysterious trees.

9. Other Google+ users seem to be loving these trees!

10. #TreeTuesday has even picked up some media coverage, turning some heads over at WebProNews/Social Media.

11. Unlike other, more craven hashtags, #TreeTuesday is fun that the whole family can enjoy.

12. If you’re looking for maximum #TreeTuesday enjoyment, it’s best to make sure you have a free schedule…

13. …so that you can sign in and enjoy some foliage!

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