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Forensic Evidence Highlights Possible Contradictions In Pistorius' Claims About His Actions Following Shooting

According to a police expert's testimony on Wednesday, it appears that Oscar Pistorius was not wearing his prosthetic legs when he broke down a bathroom door with a cricket bat.

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On Wednesday, the court in Reeva Steenkamp's murder trial saw a reconstruction of what the prosecution believes is how Oscar Pistorius' cricket bat broke down his bathroom door after he fatally shot his girlfriend.

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Pistorius claims that after he realized he had shot Reeva Steenkamp, he put on his prostheses and tried to kick down the locked bathroom door, and then hit the door with his cricket bat. Pistorius denies intentionally killing Steenkamp last year, saying he fired after mistaking her for a burglar.

Witness Police Col. J.G. Vermeulen, a forensic analyst, demonstrated the height Pistorius must have been at for the marks to appear at the level and angle they did.

Vermeulen testified Pistorius could not have been wearing his legs when he shot Steenkamp, due to the angle and height of the cricket bat marks and bullet holes.

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Vermeulen said the cricket bat marks were "quite low down on the door" and were "not the normal position that I would expect from a mark from a cricket bat."

He said the bat marks were made by Pistorius "being in a natural position without his prostheses."

However, Pistorius' lawyer, Barry Roux, says that the marks were low because Pistorius hit the door with a "bent back."

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Whether or not Pistorius was wearing his prostheses when he shot Steenkamp is important as it tests Pistorius' claims about what happened the night Steenkamp was killed.

A damaged steel plate was also introduced as new evidence today. Vermeulen said the plate had been damaged after being hit "hard" by an object or something falling on it.

Cate Sevilla is the UK managing editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.

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