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Bomb In Pakistan Targets Anti-Polio Campaigners Near Hospital

Two people have been killed by a bomb targeting anti-polio campaigners near a hospital in Peshawar.

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A bomb targeting anti-polio campaigners has hit a van outside a clinic in the Budh Bher area of Peshawar. Reuters reports that Peshawar police official Najeeb ur-Rehman says that two people were killed and at least 20 more have been injured.

The two killed in the blast, a police officer and a member of a local peace committee, were riding in a van as part of an anti-polio campaign. The bomb was reportedly detonated remotely.

The Taliban has reportedly claimed the polio vaccinations are part of a Western plot to sterilize Muslims, and vaccination teams have been banned from some areas of the country, causing thousands of children to miss their vaccinations. Pakistan is one of the only three countries where polio is still an epidemic.

Health workers and anti-polio campaigners have been previously attacked, with two female polio health workers being shot in the same area earlier this year, and similar attacks happening in Nigeria.

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