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Orunje Is Bringing The Doctor's House Call Back

At least in Chicago. Orunje you glad you're not in a doctor's waiting room right now?

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Hate waiting to see a medical professional with a bunch of other sick people? If you live in Chicago, a new service called Orunje (pronounced 'orange') might have a remedy. Fill out an online form, and it promises to send a nurse or doctor to your door within two hours.

It's getting to be a pretty crowded house. Orunje isn't the only on-demand doctor delivery company. Heal is available to San Franciscans and Angelenos who are feeling under the weather, and Pager has an active doctor network in New York.

The 45 doctors who work for Orunje are contractors, and most have jobs elsewhere, according to the company. Orunje charges $99 for a solo visit from a nurse and $169 for a visit from a physician upfront; the workers get to keep $70 and $149 per visit respectively, and the company collects a $20 fee.

With Heal, patients get a visit from a doctor plus assistant combo for $99. That company says sending a pair of medical professionals makes sense, given the intimate nature of examining a patient in a private home. Orunje doctors are on their own — although, the company does cover medical malpractice.

Orunje plans to launch on iOS next month, and on Android by the end of the summer.

Caroline O'Donovan is a senior technology reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in San Francisco.

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