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Here's What We Learned From The Ultimate Sexting Poll

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A few weeks back, BuzzFeed News conducted The Ultimate Sexting Poll.

We wanted to figure out what people are really doing with their phones, and more than 100,00 people voted in at least one question. Now, it's time to report the highly non-scientific results.

First finding: Most people don't send nudes.

Of the roughly 100,000 responses, 53% said they'd never sent a nude photo, and 51% said they'd never sent a sext. However, a considerable majority — 66% — said they had sent a ~suggestive~ pic. Either way, most people don't have nudes on their phone *right now*.

But ~some~ people sext total strangers:

What's most interesting isn't how many people are sexting, but who they're sexting with. A little more than a quarter of respondents (27%) said they've sent nudes to someone they've never even met in real life. And while most people only send nudes to people they're in a committed relationship with, nearly a quarter have sent nudes to people they're just hooking up with. It is most likely but not definitely these people who account for the one third of respondents who said they had recycled a nude, meaning sent the same picture to more than one individual.

And sometimes, sexters make mistakes:

The majority of respondents said they prefer to sext over text message, though almost a third said they use Snapchat. Only 1% sext via Google Hangouts. 29% use emojis when they sext.

Slightly more people had received unwanted nudes — 53% — than those who hadn't. 12% of respondents have sent nudes to the wrong person by accident. If this has happened to you, please leave your story in the comments, or get in touch with

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