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Bush Beats Obama

Bush picked up more votes in 2004 in New Hampshire than Obama did last night. A measure of intensity.

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The uncontested primary of an unchallenged incumbent doesn't mean much, but it can perhaps be taken as some kind of measure of intensity, partisan loyalty, or simple willingness to show up to and be counted.

And by those measures, George W. Bush handily defeated Barack Obama in New Hampshire last night.

Bush's uncontested 2004 re-election bid received 53,962 votes in the state.

Obama has, with 94% in, received just under 47,000, and is on pace to pick up 49,983 in last night's uncontested primary, if the pattern holds.

Republican turnout last night, meanwhile, broke records.

There are many factors to consider, including down-ballot local primaries both years and the degree to which some past Obama voters may have cast ballots for Jon Huntsman or Ron Paul.

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