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U.S. Navy: All Clear At Washington Navy Yard After Report Of Active Shooter

In a statement, the D.C. Police department said that there was a 911 call at 7:29 a.m. reporting "sounds of gun shots" but that a search of the building turned up no evidence of a shooting. In 2013, Aaron Alexis, 34, fatally shot 12 people at the Navy Yard before police fatally shot him.

What We Know So Far

  • Heavily-armed law enforcement officials investigated reports of active shooter at the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard Thursday morning.
  • A Navy Yard employee placed an emergency call at 7:29 a.m. reporting to have heard gun shots.
  • D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser confirmed that upon searching the building, law enforcement did not turn up any signs of a shooting, shooter or any victims.
  • The Washington Navy Yard was placed on lockdown during the investigation. That lockdown was lifted shortly after 12 p.m.
  • Twelve people were fatally shot by gunman Aaron Alexis at the Washington Navy Yard in 2013.


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Lockdown has been lifted at Washington Navy Yard and the U.S. Navy has confirmed the "all clear."

#USNavy confirms all clear has been issued at #NavyYard. @NavalDistWash @CNICHQ

#navyard lockdown has been lifted and all personnel may resume normal operations on the Yard.

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Washington D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser said that there is no evidence of gunshots, a shooter or any victims at the Washington Navy Yard. A Navy Yard employee was the person who placed the call to report that she may have heard gun shots in the area, Bowser said at a press conference.

Vice Admiral Dixon Smith added that the navy yard remains on lockdown while officials finish a final walkthrough of the facility. If that walkthrough goes alright, then the Navy Yard will be reopened.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said that that "every inch" of the building has been searched and is being searched a second time. She also said there was never any concern that the emergency call was a hoax; the employee heard what she thought was gun shots and reported it.

VADM Dixon Smith: #USNavy confirms no shooting. #NavyYard remains on lockdown w/ resources available to personnel as needed.

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The U.S. Capitol Police said the situation at the Navy Yard has been "cleared," a spokesperson confirmed to BuzzFeed News.

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The U.S. Navy confirmed, "there are no signs of a shooting, a shooter or victims."

The U.S. Navy said the scene remains active and there is an ongoing investigation.


At 7:29 a.m. a call was placed from a building inside the Washington Navy Yard reporting possible gun shots. Navy Yard officials called partner law enforcement agencies for assistance.

NCIS agents and other law enforcement have completed their inspection of the Humphreys Building (Bldg. 197). All personnel are safe and accounted for.

There are no signs of a shooting, a shooter, or victims.

The investigation is ongoing and the scene remains active.

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U.S. Navy has now confirmed that all personnel are alright and that there is no sign of a shooting.

#BREAKING: #USNavy confirms no sign of shooting @NavalDistWash #NavyYard. All personnel ok. Follow-on NCIS investigation ongoing.

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U.S. Capitol Police have issued an "all clear" at the Washington Navy Yard.

#BREAKING: U.S. Capitol Police have given an ALL CLEAR after a massive police response at the Washington Navy Yard.

The D.C. Police issued a statement saying that a call was placed at 7:29 a.m. reporting "possible sounds of gun shots." A search of the building turned up no evidence of a shooting.

Here's the latest update on the #NavyYard from D.C. police. FOLLOW LIVE:

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BREAKING: Official: No evidence of shooting, no arrests, no weapons after report of shots at Navy Yard.

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Lt. Megan Shutka, a U.S. Navy Chief of Information official , told BuzzFeed News, "No incident can be confirmed as of yet."

"The Navy Yard in Washington D.C. is currently on lockdown with orders to shelter in place," she added.

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Lockdown continues but so far no shooter has been found.

Per NBC News, officials say no evidence there was a shooter so far after sweep of building

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U.S. Capitol Police public information officer Lieutenant Kimberly Schneider said there is no known threat to the Capitol Complex.

U.S. Capitol Police are continuing to monitor the Active Shooter situation at the Washington Navy Yard. Please avoid the Washington Navy Yard area.

There is no known threat to the Capitol Complex.

As a proactive measure related to the Washington Navy Yard incident, enhanced security measures may be visible & observed as the USCP continues to concentrate our assets on the Capitol Grounds. We have additional units in the field deployed strategically around the Capitol Complex, as the situation dictates, while remaining available to continue to provide mutual support at the Navy Yard.

All USCP units on Capitol Grounds are continuously being kept abreast of the Washington Navy Yard incident and are being extremely diligent in light of the current situation.

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UPDATE: Navy Yard spokesman says no casualties, no shooter spotted at Washington Navy Yard - Local CBS Radio

A 911 caller stated there was a shooting on the second floor of building 197, the same building where the 2013 shooting took place, a law enforcement source told CNN.

Police responded to the Navy Yard around 7:45 a.m. and the building was put on lockdown.

There has been no confirmed shooting at this time and no shooter has been found, a Navy Yard spokesman said.

#NavyYard lockdown remains. More to follow. @NavalDistWash @CNICHQ

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Streets surrounding the Naval campus in Washington have been closed, the DC Police Department tweeted a map of the closures.

Traffic Advisory/Street Closures/M St SE from S. Capitol to 11th St SE/11th St from M St to Virginia/

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Shots reported at Washington Navy Yard, an official told the AP. A lockdown is in place at the Washington campus, according to Navy spokesman Petty Officer 1st Class Pedro Rodriguez.

Heavily armed officers arriving at Navy Yard

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#BREAKING: @CNICHQ @NavalDistWash #NavyYard lockdown/shelter in place. Investigation continues. No further info at this time.