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Uber Will Become A Phone Delivery Service For A Day

The ride-hailing company will become a phone delivery service for one day only when it partners with Xiaomi for the release of the Mi Note.

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Uber has been used to transport a lot of things other than people.

The ride-hailing service has delivered kittens, ice cream, and even the vote in special, limited-time-only updates to its app.

But it is about to take its delivery system a step further on July 27th, when it partners with Xiaomi, a Chinese cell phone manufacturer. Xiaomi will release the Mi Note, its latest cell phone, in Singapore and Malaysia next week, and Uber will be on hand to deliver it to customers.


This will probably be a big deal.

When Xiaomi released the Mi Note in China, it sold out in about three minutes. While it may not sell as quickly outside of its home country, Xiaomi has drummed up excitement in Singapore and Malaysia in the past.

This is also another opportunity for Uber to dip its toes in the logistics pool in Asia. (The company launched a delivery service called Uber Cargo earlier this year in Hong Kong.)

Brendan Klinkenberg is a tech reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in San Francisco.

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