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8 Lessons Obamacare Can Learn From Blockbuster

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2. Options don't matter if the product sucks.

Millions are set to lose their Healthcare across the country and are not happy about it. The plans offered by the healthcare exchange are bittersweet to many who never wanted change in the first place.

3. Getting members is hard, losing them is easy.

From security flaws to complaints of overly intrusive medical history questioning, one of Obamacare's largest ongoing hurdles will be convincing people to trust the system with their personal information.


6. Adaptation after-the-fact is hard, and hurts your brand.

A horrendously flawed launch doomed the healthcare exchanges to months of scrutiny and quick fixes will not be good enough for a fundamentally flawed system.

7. You need to hire competent people to run your operation.

A new round of scrutiny is beginning that focuses on the Obamacare Navigators and the lack of background checks and competence for those who will be assisting Americans in implementing their healthcare plans.

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