The French Really Brought Their Selfie Game To The White House


1. Over the last two days, the President of France and Obama have been hanging out.

2. French President Hollande brought approximately 10,000,000 French journalists to follow him around during his White House visit.

3. Which meant loads of touristy pictures for the French journos.

4. But what no one expected was for the French to come correct with a sick selfie game.

5. Nice one.

6. Sheesh!

7. Even French politicians got into the selfie game!

Nous attendons les présidents @BarackObama et @fhollande pour la cérémonie @WhiteHouse

— Frຝéric Lefebvre (@FLefebvre_UMP)

8. Their selfies were so good, they even spawned a few memes!

. @Elysee @fhollande QUAND SOUDAIN

— Tristan Berteloot (@Tristan_Brtloot)

9. So, OK France, your selfie game is on point.

A la Maison Blanche #PRUSA

— Thomas Wieder (@ThomasWieder)

10. But we raise you Miss Stoner, and her selfie with your President.

12. So take that…

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