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The Cluster That Happens When The President Visits The Capitol


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15. The whole procession wraps under an old 'carriage entrance' at the Capitol and you really can't see anything.

Benny Johnson

And a guy from a major network covering the arrival snarks: "Wow, that five seconds was totally worth two hours of our time."


18. At this point, if you have a Hill badge, you can walk into the building and right by the BEAST. It is gigantic. You will get yelled at if you try to take a picture INSIDE it.

19. So with the outside now secured, Obama marches into the building and breezes through security checkpoints and blazes past staffers and press.

20. He is whisked (at almost a sprinting pace) into a room containing EVERY Democrat member of the House. This is about as close as one can get to the room, which is way back there:

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