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The 7 Ugliest Government Buildings In Washington, D.C.

DO NOT PROCEED if you are allergic to concrete.

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Unfortunately for us, in the '60s and '70s, the federal government only hired architects with early onset glaucoma.

These architects littered the city with monolithic temples to bureaucracy, using only concrete, brutalist architecture — and sadness. Here are the seven most heinous, unforgivable scars ever allowed to pollute our otherwise architecturally pleasant nation's capital.


There is one kind of energy the DOE can agree on: This gasoline-powered spray washer.

Gas-powered washers are the only thing the cement respects. But the gas can is just kinda sitting there. A full can of gas. On a government building. Just sitting there.

And those are all the ugliest buildings your tax dollars can buy.

— Fin.

All photos by Benny Johnson.

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