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The 3 1/2 Times Jay Carney Answered Questions

He was very honest.

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Yahoo News published the 'Top 9,486 ways Jay Carney won’t answer your questions' Friday with this interactive chart:

2. When he made it crystal-clear that the President was "aware."


MR. CARNEY: I’m going to refer you to the State Department on that. I don’t have anything on that.

Q Even on whether or not this has risen to the level of the White House?

MR. CARNEY: No, we’re aware of it, but I’d refer you to State on that.

Q So when you say “we’re aware,” is the President aware?


3. When he assured the press that he and Obama loves them.

Carolyn Kaster / Via

Q Does the President have concerns about his relationship with the press?

MR. CARNEY: No. I think he feels that he has a very good relationship with the press and that you guys do important work. And -- no, not at all.

1/2. When Jay Carney defined his use of the term 'slash'.


MR.CARNEY: And the President is interested in strengthening Social Security for the long term in ways that preserve the promise of the program and don’t slash benefits.

Q: What does ‘slash’ mean?

MR.CARNEY: Haven’t you got, like, a dictionary app on your iPhone?

Q: Well, it’s a word that you use instead of ‘cut.’

MR.CARNEY: 'Slash’ is, I think, quite clear. It’s slash. It’s like that. It’s a significant whack. I’m not going to put a numerical figure on it.

Q: So it means a significant cut.

MR.CARNEY: It’s slash. And I don’t mean the guitarist.

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