Presidents Who Want You To Come At Them Bro

U mad?

1. BUSH: “Come at me bro.”

2. CLINTON: “Come at me bros.”

4. OBAMA: “Come at me bro.”

5. REAGAN: “Come at me bro.”

6. BUSH: “I’m giving you six seconds before I come at you bro.”

7. CARTER: “Come at me bro.”

8. BUSH: “U mad bro?” PEROT: “Come at me bro.”

9. OBAMA: “I SAID come at me bro.”

10. ROMNEY: “Will all you ‘bros’ calm down please and believe in America?”

11. CLINTON: “What Romney? U mad bro?”

12. CARTER: “Yea, u mad bro?”

13. REAGAN: “U mad bro?”

14. MICHELLE: “U mad bro?”

15. HILLARY: “Me next bro!”

16. BUSH: “Please come at me gurl.”

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