How The Internet Reacted To Russia Invading Ukraine

Lot of jokes, lots of anger.

1. Over the weekend, Russia seized the Crimean region of Ukraine.

David Mdzinarishvili / Reuters



2. Here is how the internet responded.

5. The very recent Sochi Olympics were brought up.


Ах, как же прав был Василий Слонов!

— Повар Войны (@noliquid)

8. There is more than one comparison to Hitler going around.


10. Some said it was the beginning of another Soviet Union.


11. Obama and other world leaders were knocked for their responses.

16. And some were also critical of the United Nations.

Caption: Before and after the Ukrainian invasion.

19. Some blamed Steven Segal’s bunny ears for the whole debacle.

20. Some are saying Seinfeld predicted this.


21. Others thought the U.S. should just leave well enough alone.

22. And the internet remained weird.


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