Fab Or Drab: CPAC Edition

Get your conservative on!

1. FAB: This brilliant moustache.

2. DRAB: This moustache.

3. FAB: Big red sash pinned to a suit.

4. DRAB: These sweaty Transformers creeping on people.

5. FAB: Old-school political #SWAG

6. FAB: This afro.

7. DRAB: This pink hair mess.

8. FAB: Life-sized Duck Hunt.

9. DRAB: Marco Rubio 2016 booth.

10. FAB: This man in this three-piece.

11. DRAB: Man in shiny suit jacket and running pants.

12. FAB: Larry O’Connor’s microphone.

13. DRAB: This guy’s tiny red microphone.

14. FAB: Scotch and cigars bow-tie.

15. DRAB: This bowtie.

16. FAB: Breitbart News house party with a full Mariachi band.

Grover Norquist with Sergio Gor and Rachel Coolidge.

17. DRAB: Bad make-up Zombie party.

Chris Moody / Via news.yahoo.com

18. FAB: Rainbow mohawk, white suspenders dude.

20. DRAB: Scraggly pony-tail.

21. FAB: This HUGE piece of Bacon.

22. FAB: The girl who has “broken every CPAC dress code rule” in the first day.

23. DRAB: Soviet Obama hats.

24. FAB: Massive Jenga set that collapses and scares everyone.

25. DRAB: The SWAG-less, depressing College Republican table.

26. FAB: Colorful Revolutionary with copper pot and a huge flag.

27. DRAB: His less colorful outfit on the second day.

28. FAB: This colorful jacket.

29. DRAB: This rainbow jacket.

30. FAB: The booth with the basketball game.

31. DRAB: Paranoid conspiracy tables.

32. FAB: Legalize weed cowboy hat.

33. DRAB: Black, bedazzled cowboy hat.

34. FAB: This lovely, conservative Fairy-Godmother.


36. DRAB: This AR-15 necklace.

37. FAB: BuzzFeed speaking on a panel explaining importance of memes in politics.

Huge thanks to Francesca Chambers for inviting us!

38. DRAB: Old worn out memes that CPAC is just discovering.

39. FAB: Matching turban and pants.

40. DRAB: Every CPAC worker having to wear this highly embroidered shirt.

41. FAB: This colonial patriot checking his iPhone.

42. DRAB: Ben Franklin with a huge, worried face.

43. FAB: Sarah Palin chugging a Big Gulp on stage.

Carolyn Kaster / AP

44. DRAB: Sarah Palin making a strange joke about her “rack” and her husband’s “rifle.”

Pete Marovich / Getty Images

45. CPAC 2013!

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