Everyone Is Posting Pictures Of Their Socks For George H.W. Bush’s Birthday

The Bush center celebrated by wearing exuberant socks.

1. George H.W. Bush has a tendency to wear kickass socks.


2. So for his 89th birthday, the George Bush center asked people to tweet their socks with a birthday message for the former President and the hashtag #41s89th

3. Former Bush cabinet members joined in.

4. As did House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

5. And Romney got in on the action.

6. The president of Texas A & M.

9. Some girls at the Bush Center.

10. Along with a ton of other staff.

11. And the CEO of the Bush Center.

12. This moustache aficionado.

16. And this patriotic baby.

17. Bush even posted his own photo with his granddaughter Mila.

18. So, happy birthday George Bush.

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