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Chuck Grassley Tells The Stories Behind His Most Famous Tweets

Despite a scare, the Senator now promises his Twitter feed isn't going anywhere. Here, he explains some of his greatest Twitter hits.

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"A lot of the time people get killed when they hit a deer. And most of the time the deer dies. I don’t know if that deer died or not. 99 percent of the time they die, so I said 'assume deer dead."


"You know, when you’ve got two layers of clothes on in the winter time, it can burn a hole in there before you actually feel the heat, see? So I did actually get a wound out of it."


"[My neighbor] saw that I was in trouble, and he brought a pail of water... and a couple of gunny sacks along so we could wet the gunny sacks and whip the fire out. So he helped me get rid of it."

"I doctored [the wound] myself, but it wasn’t really well doctored. And after three or four days, I ran into a doctor at a town meeting, and he said you need to get that taken care of, and he gave me a prescription and pretty soon it healed."

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