Bill Clinton’s White Thighs Will Not Make You Miss The ’90s At All

You can’t look away!

1. Bill Clinton sincerely LOVED to jog in tiny shorts when he was president.

Robert Giroux / Getty Images

2. He seriously did not care who was watching.

ROBERT GIROUX / Getty Images

3. Or how cold it was.

Ron Sachs / Getty Images

4. He would bust out those Washington White jogging legs anywhere.

LUKE FRAZZA / Getty Images

5. They matched the marble on the capitol!

6. Get into it!

Doug Mills / AP

7. They literally stopped traffic.

Stephan Savoia / AP

8. Wow.

Gary Cameron / Reuters

9. Nice stretch!

xfinity.comcast.net / Via Marcy Nighswander

10. Hallelujah!!!

xfinity.comcast.net / Via J. Scott Applewhite

11. And after all that work, a refreshing Coke from McDonalds!

David Ake / Getty Images

12. Oh dear God.

13. “No.”

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