All Of D.C. Is Crying And Begging On Their Knees For A Snowday Tomorrow

Pretty please?

1. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is the overlord who gets to decide wether the Federal Government will close in the case of inclement weather.


2. Even though the forecast seems pretty bleak, OPM will typically wait until the last minute to close the Federal Government.

3. Plus, OPM is very unpredictable:

4. So seemingly every person in D.C. took to Twitter today to bitch at OPM for one of these:

Biggest snowstorm in 4 years bearing down on DC and OPM isn't making a decision until 4 AM? #shutusdownnow

— Alexandra (@snazzzyredhead)

@HemlockMartinis Don't jinx it. We have to wait until the OPM overlords deem it so.

— Amy Jensen (@ALAJensen)

Sending a big fat check to the first member of Congress to propose repealing the OPM if tomorrow isn't a snow day.

— Luke Brinker (@LukeBrinker)

Did OPM seriously just announce they'll update by FOUR AM?? Guys, really? Let me help: http://t.co/oHsOLyNWwz #FrustratedHeatherisFrustrated

— Heather Parker (@heatherr_parker)

Oh, come on, OPM, SERIOUSLY? You're going to wait until 4 AM again to call it? EVERY FORECAST IS PREDICTING AT LEAST 4-6" OF SNOW BY MORNING

— Beth (@ironicsegue)

I think everybody in the office has just mentally checked out in advance of (very likely) no work tomorrow.

— Beth (@ironicsegue)

Ok the real question is will OPM make a call tonight or make us set an alarm...

— Sarah (@LoveOfShoesDC)

Dear #opm let's just make this easy and call it now.

— Kyndra Marie (@EpicShenanigans)

Want an app that turns off my alarm when OPM closes the gov't

— Jill Farrell (@jillsfarrell)

Bless their urgency RT @chrisgolden: OPM tweets they hope to make a decision on government by 4am tomorrow "if not sooner"

— Graham Lampa (@grahamlampa)

FREE STORY IDEA FOR DC JOURNOS: A look behind the scenes as OPM decides whether we can all sleep in tomorrow. #YoureWelcome

— Drew Courtney (@DrewCourt)

OPM will wait til I'm out the door to say there's a delay/closing

— precious (@theblackartist)

Alright OPM, you know you're gonna close tomorrow, so just make the call. Thanks. #SnowInTheDMV

— Em (@EmilyF1984)

Waiting until OPM officially closes before I take a booster so I can brief my ass off all night

— Zebra (@LegallyZebra)

Listen @OPMDirector. We don't care. Close the govt. Dassit.

— T (@ILuvKaraoke)

@OPMDirector @USOPM just close

— Justin Titman (@jtitman0)

Come on @USOPM! DC wants a snow day! #Pax

— Brexton Isaacs (@BrextonIsaacs)

23. And this guy spoke for every Federal employee:

.@usopm can I get drunj tonight?

— Joseph Reed (@josephsreed)

24. Welcome to D.C.

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