32 Reasons Why Abe Lincoln Is More Badass Than Ever

On his 204th Birthday, our 16th President seems more relevant now than ever, at least in a cult internet sort of way.

Abe Lincoln was born on this day in 1809.

1. 204 years later he is more badass than ever.

2. Hipsters love Lincoln.

5. Weirdos love Lincoln.

6. Dogs love Lincoln.

7. Memers love Lincoln.

8. Skaters love Lincoln.

10. Beanie wearers love Lincoln.

11. UC Davis campus police love Lincoln.

12. Pop music loves Lincoln.

13. The American auto industry loves Lincoln.

14. They even named this after him in 1954.

15. Hollywood loves Lincoln.

16. He, like, had two Blockbuster movies this year.

17. Marvel Comics love Lincoln.

18. Time travelers love Lincoln.

20. Hard-Knock gangstaz got love for Lincoln.

21. Badasses love Lincoln.

22. Sasquatch does not love Lincoln.

23. Children on Halloween love Lincoln.

24. Mascots love Lincoln.

25. Goth ragers love Lincoln.

26. Tattoo artists love bionic Lincoln.

27. Airlines love Lincoln.

28. Straight-up t-shirt designers love Lincoln.

29. Iron Man gave his suit to Lincoln.

30. Bro’s love Lincoln.

32. He fought Chuck Norris and survived (while wearing a grill)

Lincoln: 204 years of ‘Deal with it.’

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