21 Politicians Staring Awkwardly At Computers

Series of tubes…

Politicians, and their communications teams, run a perpetual, frantic race to look connected and tech savvy.

This campaign inexplicably includes a photo of the politician staring deeply into a computer.

1. It’s just… some politicians are not that good at looking at computers.


2. “What would ya say…”

“…ya do here?”

3. “Join me on the Facebook.”

4. “Where does the fax come out?”

5. “What is this fresh hell?”

6. “Almost got it…”

7. “Here is how you turn this demonry off.”

8. Much better.

Just had a meeting with Rep. Sensenbrenner. He was typing a letter. This is how he does it. Seriously.

— Paul Ryan (@PRyan)

9. Hard at work.

10. Joe Kennedy, tech support.


11. Tim Scott used books to get his computer at staring level…

…but he has now upgraded.

12. “Let me show you some black and white charts.”

13. Pat Roberts, Dell guy.

14. Mike Crapo has tissues ready in case this gets emotional.



16. “Zoom.”

17. Some very serious computing from Booker and Gillibrand.

“That was some intense computer back there.”


18. “Guys, this is fun!”

Thanks to @StewardSchool and @StCatherinesRVA students for your questions during our Google Hangout today!

— Eric Cantor (@GOPLeader)

19. Computer. Computer. Computer.


Computer. Computer.


20. “Obamacare sucked enough already and now I have to computer to get it.”


21. “That was awkward.”

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