19 Most Awkward Things That Were Done To Get Youths To Sign Up, Or Not Sign Up, For Obamacare


1. Presidential “Between Two Ferns” interview.

2. Creepy Uncle Sam.


3. The Obamacare rap.

4. The Health and Human Services doge meme.

The use of any meme really.


5. This $20,000 selfie.

6. The Burn Your ObamaCare Card campaign.

7. Pajama boy.

How do you plan to spend the cold days of December? http://t.co/Rwf5AYc3bG #GetTalking

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama)

8. Knife injury marketing.

And knife injury marketing featuring pajama boy.

When cooking Thanksgiving dinner takes a turn for the worst, be prepared. #GetTalking: http://t.co/aad5COFGN6

— OFA (@OFA)

9. The Anti-Obamacare kegger.



10. The “Affordable Care Act pub crawl.”

11. Bro marketing.


12. Yoga marketing.


13. Mom marketing.


14. Extreme Mom marketing.

This site was created to get your mom to nag you about health care using Tinder and Snapchat. It was only in Rhode Island.

15. The “YouTube celebrities” White House Summit.


16. Bringing in Lance Bass.

… even though he tweeted the wrong sign-up address.

17. The White House GIF listicle.

It included twerking and “You only YOLO once” GIFs.


18. Creepy baking references?

19. This:


It’s finally over.


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