19 Breathtaking Pieces Of SWAG Available At The U.S. Senate Gift Shop

Who knew??

Welcome to the official Senate SWAG shop.

Let veteran Senate SWAG Shop employee Teresa Mulato show you around.

1. Teresa will gladly show you the Senate flip-flops with a bottle opener in them.

Only $5!

2. A Senate bathrobe


3. Hella cufflinks

Various prices.

4. A golden eagle pearl necklace

5. Senate belt buckle

7. A Senate cheese plate


8. Waterford Crystal eagle

9. This super creepy postcard

Where Victorian women lurk on this naked dude.

10. Tattoos of bugs and bats

But don’t worry, they are reproductions.

11. A chocolate Capitol

12. This jar of suckers

13. Bean soup, cup

14. This blingy watch

15. Senate doggie snacks

16. GOP or Dem decanters


Or all this other #Senate booze #SWAG

17. Butter dish


18. Everything recovered from the Titanic wreck site

(Not really)

Including these “Boy & Girl” brushes

19. And this crystal ashtray

$5 million.

So when you visit the Senate make sure to stock up!


And do NOT think about walking off with that ashtray

Or the NSA will find you.

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