13 Tea Party Signs That Forgot How To Sign

That escalated quickly.

There was a sizable Tea party gathering on the lawn of the Capitol today… but some of the protest signs left something to be desired.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

1. If your messaging is based on death camps and the Holocaust, you’ve already lost.

2. Same goes for slavery.

3. Is this just a fact on a sign that we all agree with?

But the sandals really make the suit.


5. Since democracy has failed, how do you propose to accomplish this?

6. Engineering needed here.

7. “Snowden Rocks Obama’s Socks.”

8. If you compare the guy who killed bin Laden to bin Laden, does anybody hear it?

9. Making friends.

11. “He REALLY wants to bomb Syria.”

12. “GOP Grow A Pair. NO Obamacare.”

Scythe, check.
Scrubs, check.
Wig, check.
Cough mask, check.
Hipster glasses, check.
Enough cardboard….DAMMIT!

13. Short, and to the point! …what was the point again?

*DEFUND OBAMACARE* That’s what this was about! Gotcha.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Rand Paul’s new sunglasses approve.

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

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