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Minions Are Roaming The Streets Of China Selling Bananas

Or are they?

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Just look at the two of them, how chilled out yet focused they are on this golden early autumn day. 😘😘😘

Note: There's a pretty straightforward nickname for Minions in Chinese β€” "Little Yellow Men (小黄人)."


Is your heart warmed? Well, stop it. Turns out the pictures were part of a campaign for the Chinese premiere of the Minions film on Sept. 13.

"Yikes! Busted! The secret plan for fans are now known throughout the nation!" So went a message on Weibo by Baidu Nuomi, a group-buying website akin to Groupon, who claimed to run the campaign.

Lots of people thought the people inside the Minions costumes were probably poor migrant workers doing all they could to make a living. Almost everyone was fooled.

"I give full marks for this marketing campaign," wrote user Shawn_Chelsea, whose post received 38 likes.


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