23 Tech Problems We All Still Suffer Through

It’s 2013. How is “unplugging it and plugging it back in” still a viable solution to our problems?

1. When you go to paste over some text and accidentally copy the text instead.

2. When you have to teach your phone curse words and it slows down texting.

3. When the Wi-Fi you’re stealing isn’t very fast.

4. And then their tech-savvy friend came over and put a password on the signal.

5. When your TV takes a second to turn on, and you can’t tell if it’s actually on and you turn it back off by accident.

6. When you can’t figure out which tab the sound is coming from.

7. When your phone’s screen automatically rotates so you can’t text while lying on your side.

8. When you accidentally click on Photoshop in your dock, and then you have to wait 20 seconds for it to load so you can close it.

9. When you can’t remember any of your passwords because your computer remembers them all for you.

10. When you go to read an article on your phone but you get redirected to the mobile front page instead.

11. Whensomethinggetsstuckunderthespacebaronyourlaptop.

12. Then the gray “search” in search bars doesn’t delete when you start typing.

13. When your phone autocorrects while you’re typing a Captcha and you have to fill out the form again.

14. When your computer monitor is so big that you lose your mouse cursor.

15. When you have to check your voicemail just to make the unchecked voicemails badge icon go away.

16. Anytime you use a new computer, you need to open Internet Explorer or Safari just so you can download Firefox or Chrome.

17. When your remote is too far away so you have to download an app on your phone to change the TV channel.

18. When your calendar alerts go off on your phone, computer, and browser all at the same time.

19. When the “All On” button on your remote turns your TV on, but your cable box off.

20. When you have to scramble to immediately turn off annotations on YouTube before the video starts.

21. When you never get to see the Google Doodles because you use Google Chrome.

22. When you finally have enough money to buy new video games, but not enough time to actually sit down and play them.

23. When you have to restart your computer for any reason.

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