How To Get Fat Without Spending Any Money

Find out which foods pack the most calories per dollar. Hint: They’re not always what you’d think.

1. Arby’s Large Roast Beef: 85 Calories Per Dollar

The large roast beef will set you back $6.60 and packs in 560 calories. A decent choice for cheap weight gain, but you can do better!

2. Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco: 100 Calories Per Dollar

The Doritos Locos Taco quickly became one of the most popular items on Taco Bell’s menu. It costs $1.99 and contains about 200 calories. Now available in Cool Ranch too!

3. KFC Double Down: 106 Calories Per Dollar

The infamous Double Down will cost you $5.65 and give you 600 calories. Not bad, but not amazing given what this thing looks like.

4. Shake Shack Double Shackburger: 108 Calories Per Dollar

This burger costs about $7.10 and contains 770 calories, but we know you’ll probably burn most of that off standing in line.

5. Panera Bread Full Italian Combo on Ciabatta: 109 Calories Per Dollar

At $8.99, this is one of the more expensive items on the list. Don’t worry though — it’s worth every penny, packing in a total of 980 calories.

6. Chipotle Burrito: 118 Calories Per Dollar

The Chipotle burrito comes out to about 1000 calories and costs $8.50*. Adding guacamole is not advisable if you’re trying to get the most value out of your dollar.

7. Grapes: 130 Calories Per Dollar

Not as high-calorie as some fast food, but very cheap! A pound of grapes cost just $2.41 and contains 313 calories.

8. McDonald’s Big Mac: 131 Calories Per Dollar

Not bad at all at $4.19 and 550 calories.

9. Quizno’s Large Tuna Melt: 152 Calories Per Dollar

A better value than the regular and small. The large tuna melt from Quizno’s comes in at $8.29 and 1,260 calories.

10. Subway Chicken Bacon and Ranch: 163 Calories Per Dollar

Pricier than some fast-food sandwiches but pretty calorie-packed, the chicken bacon ranch costs about $6.99 for a footlong and has a total of 1,140 calories.

11. Taco Bell Bean Burrito: 186 Calories Per Dollar

One of the cheaper menu items at Taco Bell. The Bean Burrito costs just $1.99 but packs a punch with 370 calories.

12. Burger King Double Whopper With Cheese: 190 Calories Per Dollar

Ignore the single and the triple whopper and opt for the double. At just $5.20 and 990 calories, this is one of the better value items at BK.

13. In-N-Out Double Double With Onion: 197 Calories Per Dollar

The 670 calories from In-N-Out’s Double Double cost just $3.40.

14. McDonald’s Large Fries: 209 Calories Per Dollar

Getting into the big leagues here: the most popular food item at McDonald’s will cost you $2.39 and contains 500 calories. A better value than the medium.

15. McDonald’s McChicken: 213 Calories Per Dollar

Ahead of both the big mac and the large fries, McDonald’s McChicken sandwich gets you more bang for your buck. For a $1.69, you can get 360 calories.

16. Oranges: 215 Calories Per Dollar

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says oranges cost just $0.99 per lb and contain about 213 calories per lb.

17. McDonald’s 12 Oz McFlurry: 225 Calories Per Dollar

In case you want dessert after polishing off a Big Mac or McChicken sandwich, go for the McFlurry. It costs just $2.89 and fills you up with 650 calories.

18. Pizza Hut Meat Lover’s Pizza: 239 Calories Per Dollar

A large meat lover’s pizza contains 3,840 calories and will cost $16.05. This comes out to about 480 calories and $2 per slice.

19. Taco Bell Volcano Nachos: 243 Calories Per Dollar

At just $3.99, the Volcano Nachos pack a whopping 970 calories.

20. Wendy’s Small Natural-Cut Fries: 249 Calories Per Dollar

The value menu really comes through here. For under $2, a small order of fries from Wendy’s come away with 420 calories.

21. Five Guys Regular Fries: 265 Calories Per Dollar

At a cost of just $3.59, the regular fries provide a better value than the large. Total calorie count here is 953.

22. Wendy’s Small Vanilla Frosty: 280 Calories Per Dollar

Again, the value menu is where it’s at. This item costs just $0.99 at Wendy’s and contains 280 calories.

23. Dunkin’ Donuts Chocolate Coconut Cake Donut: 367 Calories Per Dollar

One of the best values in this list. This donut only costs $1.50 and packs in a total of 550 calories. Pretty impressive, but still not the winner…

24. Bananas: 656 Calories Per Dollar

Cheap and effective. Bananas cost about $0.61 per lb according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and pack in 400 calories per lb. So for maximum fatness with minimum cost, ditch the fast food entirely and head to the fruit aisle. FYI, the average banana weighs less than half a pound, so you’re gonna have to eat quite a few to get those calories.


All you can eat, baby!!! And free soda refills!!

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