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9 Political Views We Can Deduce From Your Drinking Habits

Republicans are lightweights and Democrats drink wine. See what else SurveyMonkey helped us dig up through a survey regarding people's drinking habits and their stances on various political issues.

Posted on are more likely to support stricter immigration laws.

On the y-axis, we asked the question, "How often do you take shots?" The x-axis plots how strongly a person is in favor of stricter laws on immigration. We can say that people who take shots "extremely often" are most in favor of strict immigration laws. are probably a strong advocate for gun control.

The y-axis plots a persons preferred liquor. The x-axis represents how strongly a person in in favor of stricter gun control laws. The above graph shows that tequila drinkers are the most in favor of greater restrictions on gun control.

Advertisement are more likely in favor of same-sex marriage.

We can see here that people who prefer wine have the highest tendency to support gay marriage. Hard-alcohol drinkers, on the other hand, are most likely to be anti–gay marriage. are most likely pro-choice.

This chart plots people's alcohol tolerance on the y-axis against their stance on abortion. We asked the question, "How many drinks does it take before you feel drunk?" We can see above that people who have a lower tolerance for alcohol are more likely to be pro-choice.

Advertisement are probably a Democrat.

On the y-axis, we asked the question, "At what time during the day is it acceptable to start drinking?" We can see here that Democrats like to get an early start, whereas those registered with most other political parties prefer to wait until later in the evening.'re most likely a Democrat.

The y-axis asks the question, "At what age did you have your first drink?" Democrats are the most likely to begin drinking at an age of 11 or younger. The distribution is spread pretty evenly for other political parties.

Advertisement might be a Republican.

Sure, lots of people like to drink when they're happy about something, but Republicans do it more so than others. The above graph plots "Do you like to drink when you're happy?" on the y-axis. We can see that Republicans really like to drink when they're happy, whereas as those who identify with other political parties are dispersed more evenly.

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