19 Companies That Made Huge Social Media Fails

Pack your things, Community Managers.

1. Kenneth Cole

Back in 2011 during the protests in Egypt, Kenneth Cole decided to make light of the situation and post this insensitive tweet.

2. MSN

C’MON. Using someone’s death as a way to get a “like” is just stupid.

3. Kmart

Shortly after the Newtown shootings occurred, Kmart sent a tweet to pay their respects. And then added a promotional hashtag. #SMH

4. Epicurious

Dear social media folk, when there is a national tragedy, DO NOT USE IT TO PROMOTE YOUR PRODUCTS. EVER.

5. Kitchen Aid

I know Tweetdeck is hard, but please watch which profile is selected. Also, lern hw 2 spell plz.

6. NRA

NRA sent this tweet a few hours after the Aurora shooting. When something this tragic happens, postpone your scheduled tweets.

7. Celeb Boutique

Also during the Aurora shooting, Celeb Boutique tweeted this because they saw “Aurora” trending. While it was a genuine mistake, it does not take much effort to CHECK why a hashtag is a trending topic.

8. Spearmint Rhino

This gentleman’s club posted a baby picture of an employee who’s apparently only 15.

9. Urban Outfitters

There’s a serious storm heading for the East Coast, but let’s make light of it and promote free shipping!

10. Entenmann’s

This was during the Casey Anthony trial. CHECK. THE. HASHTAG.

11. London Luton Airport

This airport made a joke about a Chicago plane crash which killed a child. Seriously? How could you think this is a good idea?

12. Papa John’s

How about you just donate money to starving children instead of forcing facebook engagement?

13. Tesco

Out of context, this doesn’t seem so bad. BUT this tweet was sent during a PR crisis about horsemeat found in Tesco’s frozen meals.

14. NBC LA

Christopher Dorner just killed these people so the only way to send condolences is to “LIKE” this post. Piss off, NBC.

15. American Air

Just say no to automated tweets.

16. Chrysler

Another case of tweeting from the wrong account. After this social media manager dropped the f-bomb, New Media Strategies (Chrysler’s agency) was fired.

17. The Inquisitr


18. Frames Etc

Seriously, GTFO.

19. And last, but certainly not least, Amy’s Baking Co

Amy’s Baking Co had a total meltdown after they received negative feedback from their episode on Kitchen Nightmares. You can read more about it here.

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