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The Definitive Beer And Baseball Index

The ideal stadium experience: an affordable ticket, cheap brews, and a win for the home team. We analyzed beer prices, projected win percentages, and ticket costs to find out which club gives you the best basebang for your ballbuck.

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Above: the projected winning percentage of Major League Baseball teams this season, per Baseball Prospectus, compared to the price of beer at their stadiums courtesy of the Brookston Beer Bulletin. Below, winning percentage compared to average ticket price as measured by the Fan Cost Experience site.


And, factoring in the cheapness of beer, the price of tickets, and the likelihood of seeing a home win all together, here are BuzzFeed's Beer And Baseball Top Ten:

10. Atlanta Braves

Daniel Shirey / Getty Images

The Braves combine cheap tickets and a solid expected winning percentage to make up for the fact that their beer isn't necessarily the cheapest around. A good choice if you're on a beer diet. (Bring a flask, it's the south.)

9. Cincinnati Reds

Andy Lyons / Getty Images

The Reds are another team whose beer could be cheaper, but their projected wins and cheap ticket prices make them a good pick if you don't want to pay a lot to see your team dominate.

8. Detroit Tigers

Mark Cunningham / Getty Images

The Tigers should be one of the two or three winningest MLB teams this season, and their ticket prices aren't bad either. And for an about-league-average price, find yourself a Bell's.


3. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times/MCT

The Angels have some of the best beer prices around. Couple that with a very good team and you have 81 reasons a year to party at Angel Stadium.

1. Arizona Diamondbacks

Christian Petersen / Getty Images

The Diamondbacks have the cheapest beer in our data set. They also have great ticket prices and a solid win projection. For a bargain and a great time, you'd be advised to "get bitten" at Chase Field. Catch some Diamondbacks fever! And please call pest control if you see an actual diamondback.

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