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US Senator Blames Twitter Typos, Poor Grammar On iPhone

" I love Tweeting, but I don't like to type."

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Republican Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa has drawn criticism for a recent Tweet in which he called President Obama "stupid." The Senator's tweets are among the rawest coming from any public official, and sometimes rail against everyone from the History Channel and to the President. Grassley's tweets are also often heavy on typos, an issued addressed by the Senator in an interview with Legal Times.

@toddruger: Your tweets draw attention/criticism, often because they sometimes have random punctuation or capital letters. What is the story behind why you leave those in there? Do you pay attention to anyone’s reaction to your tweets?

@chuckgrassley: I think there are a couple of factors involved. I suppose a lot has to do with the automatic correcting done by my iPhone. Second, I love Tweeting, but I don’t like to type. So, I probably type and hit send a little too quickly.

Sure, I pay attention to reactions to my Tweets. That’s part of the purpose, it’s the two-way communication needed in representative government at work.

@toddruger: Have you ever thought about quitting Twitter, or having a staff member control the account?

@chuckgrassley: I haven’t, although I’m sure my staff has!

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