This Card Being Sent To Mississippi Voters Is Amazing

A Super PAC sent out a mailer that plays audio of state senator Chris McDaniel talking about how the word “Mamacita” means “Hey, hot mama.”

A Super PAC is sending talking card to voters in the increasingly ugly Mississippi Republican senate primary. The Hill first reported on the mailer, of which BuzzFeed obtained video.

The mailer features Chris McDaniel, who is challenging incumbent senator Thad Cochran, saying, “Hey, hot mama, you’re a fine looking young thing,” talking about how a woman is “basically using her boobies to run for office,” and how the libertarian platform involves “getting a hooker and some crack” discounts at a 7/11.

The comments were made on his radio program.

“I sound like an idiot,” McDaniel says in the last line in the mailer, sent by the Mississippi Conservatives PAC.

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