4 Things We Learned From Hillary Clinton’s British Book Tour Interviews

The former secretary of state did a barrage of interviews to promote her book.

1. Hillary is not fond of talking about Monica Lewinsky’s resurgence: Asked on BBC radio what she thinks of Lewinsky’s recent reemergence, she dodged and said the country has moved past it.

2. Hillary has finally spoken out about her 1975 defense of an accused child rapist: In an interview with British parent network Mumsnet Clinton says she had a “professional duty to represent my client to the best of my ability.”

3. Hillary views Iraq with regret, both in her 2003 vote for the war and the aftermath: Speaking with the BBC, Clinton calls the failure of the Maliki government in Iraq, as “the biggest regret I have.”

4. People will never be tired of asking Hillary Clinton if she wants to run for president.

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