The Rock Does Not Smell What Chris Christie Is Cooking

The Rock got Chris Christie to edit a video.

Chris Christie has finally met his match and it’s former wrestler and actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

A video made by Christie administration and released Tuesday ahead of a summer tour of the state to address the state’s “impending fiscal crisis” was taken down, after a request from the former pro-wrestler’s attorney.

A source within the Christie administration told BuzzFeed Johnson’s attorney contacted them when he became aware of the video and asked for it to be removed from YouTube, but appreciated the creativity.

Christie took the takedown notice in stride, with a tweet joking about it.

This is a copy of Chris Christie’s old trailer promoting his summer tour, the scenes with The Rock come near the end:


Here’s a screenshot of The Rock as he appeared in Christie’s video:

Christie Video

And here’s the new video without The Rock:


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