Terry McAuliffe Might Be The Worst Media Critic Ever

The Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate has a history of singing praise for whatever network he is on, while dissing the other networks.

1. Exhibit A: Here’s Terry McAuliffe attacking Chris Matthews and Hardball, and praising Fox News as “fair and balanced,” during an interview on Fox News.

The full exchange can be found here.

2. Exhibit B: Here’s Terry McAuliffe on Hardball praising Chris Matthews and Hardball, while calling Fox News “right-wing nut case” in 2007.

From a transcript:

Happy anniversary to HARDBALL, the greatest show on television. Beats FOX, that right-wing nut case and CNN. HARDBALL`s No. 1. You want to get the facts straight, you want to get them right, watch Chris Matthews and HARDBALL. Happy ninth anniversary.

3. And Exhibit C: Here’s Terry McAuliffe praising Fox News coverage again in 2008.

4. Fox News even put it into a promo.

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